*** ON A SERIOUS MATTER *** (English Below).

Cancer är ett ämne som berör oss alla och när det drabbar barn är det ännu värre. Därför har Endless Shame valt att stötta en organisation som heter ”Hjälp Ebba Stoppa Cancer” genom att all försäljning av vår låt ”Price Of Devotion 2012” oavkortat går till denna organisation. Låten finns att köpa här och kommer även så småningom att finnas på Itunes och liknande ställen. Alla bidrag hjälper och vi hoppas att även du stöttar denna kampanj. Tack på förhand.
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Endless Shame

Endless Shame have decided to support a Swedish organisation called ”Hjälp Ebba Stoppa Cancer” (Help Ebba To Stop Cancer). Cancer is a subject that concerns us all and especially when it’s effecting children. Endless Shame have decided that all money earned from downloads of ”Price Of Devotion 2012” will be exclusively donated to this organisation. Please support ”Hjälp Ebba Stoppa Cancer” by purchasing the song here. The song will be available through iTunes and other stores soon. All contributions will support this organisation. We hope that you too will support this organisation. Thank you.
Best Regards
Endless Shame

In 1993 Endless Shame made a cover version of Alphaville’s Sounds Like A Melody, this track and some other tracks were sent to various recording companies in hunt for a recording deal. Our friend Jemma Myrberg was also singing on this track together with Mattias.

One day a man called Klas Lunding (link in Swedish) from Telegram Publishing phoned up and asked us if we were interested in a publishing deal, off-course we said yes! Klas Lunding later gave ’us’ to Anders Mörén at Misty MusicPublishing.

We went to Stockholm to meet up with Klas and to sign the contract, while we were in Stockholm we drove around to various record companies to see if we could get a record deal. That didn’t happen 😉

We met Klas in the Galleria and at a record shop we had a coffee and chatted to him for about an hour! Since then we haven’t really seen Klas.

Fun Fact : Klas didn’t sign Ace Of Base

Tip Of The Day : Waldorf – Blofeld looks like an interesting synth