Well I thought I would post a list of some of the equipment used by Endless Shame in The Echo Room. (The Picture is taken from JFK-studio where ”Price Of Devotion” was recorded)

Well, this is what we use, but hopefully we can record here or here someday! 😀

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I was browsing trough billboard.com and I was looking at who was @ No. 1, the soundtrack for Titanic!!! (It’s not my favorite movie…) Anyway further down on the list i found Savage Garden, who I, in that moment in time, found quite good. I actually bought that album. Though they are not my favorite band I still appreciate some of their songs….I was also listening a lot to Madonna’s ”Ray Of Light” produced by William Orbit. Loads of strange sounds ’flying’ around in those songs. Very well produced. I actually met both of them a few years later when they were doing Music. (I will probably come back to this later) Excellent expirience. Interesting people.

Tip Of The Day : Karin Ström an old friend, also into music.

When Endless Shame begun thier carrer they played support act for 2 Unlimited on a pre lucia party in Kristianstad! This was in 1993!?

Endless Shame have also played a gig using parts of a Simple Minds audio rig.

Endless Shame also played the shortest gig ever when they had to leave the stage after about 30 seconds, there was some problems with the sound….Audio feedback was the one to blame. We did not enter the stage again….
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