Hi All!
We had a great time in Berlin and Dresden at the Electro City Moods, we played along side 5 other bands on both locations.
The other bands were Parralox, Ostrich, Versus, Empire In Dust and Pleasent Fiction.

In Berlin we played at the K17 Club and in Dresden the Tante JU Club. The crowd was fantastic and the venues were super cool, great sound and light. In Dresden we had a little help from Ostrich light crew to make our consert even a better experience.

We want to say thank you to all the people in the crowd and all the other bands and the organizer. Thank you all and we hope to see you soon!

Keep it up and tune in!

/Endless Shame

K17 Club
K17 Club
Food on the boat
Food on the boat
East and West
East and West
Tante Ju Club and Car wash
Tante Ju Club and Car wash

Yesterday we shoot a video for our song ”Sweet Illusion Pt. II” we recorded it outside of our studio but inside 😉

We had a great time and we’d like to say thank you to Lottene for helping us out!

More info to come 😀

Endless Shame Video Shoot

You can listen to our music here and buy or latest record ”Unspoken Words” here (for the US) or here (for the EU)

See you! /Endless Shame

Our new album ”Unspoken Words” is available at A Different Drum or Amazon for the US and via Poponaut for the EU! 😀

You can preview the album at A Different Drum!

Get you copy now!

1. Pure

2. My Creation
3. Holy Ground
4. Revelations
5. No Tomorrow
6. Sweet Illusion Part II
7. Live in Darkness
8. Lack of Silence
9. World of Confusion
10. Jericho
11. For the Devout
12. Unspoken Words
All the best!

/Endless Shame

Unspoken Words

Endless Shame will be featured on the German compilation Electropop 3, available later this year! (Release date: October 2009, 30th)
The German label conzoom records are releasing their 3rd synth-compilation.
We are very happy to be on this compilation.
Pre-order now and you’ll get your name in the booklet!
Other bands who are featured includes
Pleasant Fiction
The Ejector Seats
Vision Talk

More info here

Well, well, well….just in time and just before the big release of Depehe Mode’s ”Sounds Of The Universe” we’ve recieved our cover for our upcoming single ”Pure”. We’re very excited about this. The release will be on the US label A Different Drum, and hopefully it will be released shortly, we’ll let you know! 😀

Have a great day!


Tip Of The Day: Depeche Mode – Sounds Of The Universe

DM tracklist:

1. In Chains
2. Hole to Feed
3. Wrong
4. Fragile Tension
5. Little Soul
6. In Sympathy
7. Peace
8. Come Back
9. Spacewalker
10. Perfect
11. Miles Away – The Truth Is
12. Jezebel
13. Corrupt

Today is Tuesday, and this means Endless Shame will be in the studio tonight, and we really need to rehearse before the Lund gig (on the 2nd of May) at Undercut.

Last week we completed the demo for one of our new songs called ”Pure”. We might play that song @ the Lund gig.

Tonight Mattias will be interviewed by Swedish Radio AF for the radio show Studio 101.
Studio 101 play synthpop, futurepop, EBM, new romantic, NDW, italo, electro, powernoise, industri, dark-electronic, goth, chip, among other things.

You can listen here (press the speaker of your choice on the left hand side). The show starts at 10pm Swedish time.

Tip Of The Day : Vote for Endless Shame to play at Siesta a musicfestival in Hässleholm