Tune in to Radio Virus to listen to an interview with Endless Shame singer Mattias who speaks about the music scene today and where Endless Shame stands in it. On the radio show they also play the song ”The Reaper” from our latest album ”Generation Blind”. The interview is in swedish.

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Generation Blind is finally here. The long awaited third album from Endless Shame was released on april 30 and has already got a lot of attention from various places.

Here is a list of some of the online shops where you can get your own copy of ”Generation Blind”.


» EK Product (Limited edition)
» Poponaut

Digital Download

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The album is also available on Spotify

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The local newspaper in our home town, Kristianstad, ran one article on Endless Shame alongside an article about our ”sister-band” Autodafeh on april 30. The articles are in swedish.

The articles

Endless Shame:


Endless Shame are traveling to Neaples in Italy to shoot a video for the new single ”The Reaper”. This track is taken from the forthcoming album ”Generation blind”.   The album will be released by the Italian label  E|K.