Endless Shame will be playing at the Tivolirock festival 30th birthday in Kristianstad hosted by Kid Skreol on the13th of July 2013.

Other bands that will play are:
Alina Devecerski
The Nomads
Wasteland Skills
Fosie Industriby
Amanda Johansson

More bands to come and more info here

Endless Shame - Tivolirock
Endless Shame – Tivolirock

We have recieved the first German review for our album Elevator (in german).
Thank you David
”Die stärksten Momente hat die CD allerdings in der ersten Spielhälfte zu bieten, wenn vom Opener „Freakshow“ bis zu „Lack of Communication“ die straighten Drums das Soundspektrum dominieren und im Refrain clever gesetzte Hooklines die Ohrwürmer finalisieren.”
4.5 out of 6 Link 🙂

See you out there!

We recieved the first Swedish Review for Elevator this Saturday.
Thank you Jens!
”Med “Generation Blind” tog man sin musik upp ytterligare en nivå och de “oslipade” diamanter jag uttryckte att man levererat på tidigare album kläddes då i en mycket snyggare produktion. På “Elevator” är helheten minst lika välklädd.”
7 out of 10 (in swedish) Link 😀

See you out there

Yesterday we shoot a video for our song ”Sweet Illusion Pt. II” we recorded it outside of our studio but inside 😉

We had a great time and we’d like to say thank you to Lottene for helping us out!

More info to come 😀

Endless Shame Video Shoot

You can listen to our music here and buy or latest record ”Unspoken Words” here (for the US) or here (for the EU)

See you! /Endless Shame

Endless Shame will be featured on the German compilation Electropop 3, available later this year! (Release date: October 2009, 30th)
The German label conzoom records are releasing their 3rd synth-compilation.
We are very happy to be on this compilation.
Pre-order now and you’ll get your name in the booklet!
Other bands who are featured includes
Pleasant Fiction
The Ejector Seats
Vision Talk

More info here